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Fur Code Interface

Welcome to the Fur Code web interface!

The decoded version of this furcode has been determined to be:

Section#ValueTranslated Meaning
Furry Species1ArG4adrw~CM4adrwUnable to decode.
Art1+I draw regularly, and someone once said something that could possibly be construed as a compliment.
Conventions1--Not interested.
Dressing Up1-I'd wear a fursuit if I had to.
Hugs1 Well, OK, you can hug me if you really want to.
Mucking and Mudding1-Never been able to dredge up enough interest (or time) to try it.
Plush Critters1 I like them, they sit on my shelves collecting dust.
Realism vs. Tooniness1++Figments of the imagination have anatomies too, you know.
Transformation1-Not personally.
Writing1->***I have these scribblings but nobody is ever going to see them!, but I'd like this to become I've sold a book, but the books are not furry-related.
Zines1-Not really interested.
Furry Sex1f--Female, You people are sick.
Real Life1-No qualifications, no job, no complaints.
Age1-10-19 Years.
Computers1+Computers are fun; I can use some software without resorting to the manual; I play a mean game of [insert favourite game].
Doom, Quake, etc.1?Haven't decided yet.
Education1->+++Haven't finished high school, but I'd like this to become Master's degree, or the equivalent.
Real Life Furriness1-I only tell close friends.
Housing1*>++++I'm still stuck living with my parents, but I'd like this to become Married ... with children.
Internet1>wfI have a browser and a connection, and even use them occasionally, but I'd like this to become Unable to decode this section.
Anime1*I'll watch it, but only if it's all in English.
Pets1->No pets currently, but I may enrich my life in the future, but I'd like this to become One pet of a fairly conventional type (cat, dog, etc).
Human Sex1f-Female, Not having sex by choice.

If this script fails to decode a furcode, and you are sure that it is properly defined, please let me know about it, and I'll try to fix the problem as soon as possible.

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