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RRDtool Statistics

RRDtool is a program for storing data in and retrieving data from round robin databases. It also comes with tools to create graphs from the data stored in the databases. I've combined this with a custom Perl script to provide statistics on various aspects of winterwolf.co.uk, which are displayed here. Please choose your timeframe:

Crush: ppp0 [PPPoA]: Raw Internet
Crush: br0: Living room bridge
Crush: Sensors information
Crush: Living room UPS: APC SmartUPS 700
Crush: lo: Software Loopback
Crush: CPU usage
Crush: filesystems
Lodurr: print status
EGCC (MAN): Weather
EGBB (BHX): Weather
EGNX (EMA): Weather
EGLL (LHR): Weather
EGLF (Farnborough): Weather
EGNM (LBA): Weather

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