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Recent changes to winterwolf.co.uk: Click here for the full log.

20180513Update the Eurovision Song Contest results page for 2018: Lisboa, Portugal.
20130901Restored from a 2010 backup. Sorry for the missing stuff. Any problems, please do let me know.
20090922Stop a problem where certain characters extracted from referrer can cause pages that are not well-formed XML to be generated in the access summary.
20090921Fixed a problem with the flag of Armenia for the Eurovision page - this is the problem with linking to publically changable images.
20090519Added the Eurovision song contest page to the site to finally put people right on how things should have gone, and to compare this to what actually happened. Flags are in SVG format, and should be displayed if your user agents supports this.
20081104Changes to the access summary to recognise some newer eBay referrers. Also modified the picture creating templates in the RRD statistics to line up data correctly with the current version of rrdtool, which seems to be more sensible than the older versions were. Also set the character encoding correctly in the new web server.
20070930Major internal changes: The web server has been moved from Jesmos to Crush in preparation for the future decommissioning of Jesmos. I think most things have been tested now, and the only thing seriously missing is the RRD statistics that look like thay'll need rebuilding from scratch due to the differences in data structure formats between Jesmos' and Crush's architectures.
20070824Made a few changes to the VAIO power management page, even though my VAIO has long since been dismantled. Firstly, a minor typo was corrected, but a much bigger change is a description mailed to me on how to flash a BIOS with no working Microsoft software installed. Hopefully this is of use to some of you.
20070819There have been some major changes in the hardware here just recently. Now, crush and jesmos are running on different hardware, which is generally fine bus is affecting the RRD statistics logging and therefore display. I'm going to be doing some shuffling around to correct this in a few weeks' time, but for now I'm afraid some of these statistics will be out of action.
20070110Fixed another bug in the furcode interface where M--- didn't get decoded correctly, and M-- got the wrong value. This was due to a duplicate entry for two minuses. Sorry to anyone affected by that.

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