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On to what is possibly the most interesting and definitely the most difficult to define part of winterwolf.co.uk:

Well, you've probably come here because you know all about Furries, and want to get on to the furry-related resources on this site. If not, down at the bottom of the page I'll soon be adding a bit of an explanation and a link or two to try to explain things.


For thoseof you that want to know, here's my current v1.3 Furcode. There used to be a link to Chama's decoder, too, in case you didn't want to figure out what all the bits mean for yourself. There were a few problems with that a while back, though, so I made an (en|de)coder myself and changed the link to that.

FCW4asw A- C-> D+ H+ M P++ R+ T W- Z+ Sm+ RLCT/E a calu++++$ d- e+>+++ f++ h++ iwf+++ j p* sm+


I took quite a few pictures of the earlier NorthernFurs meets, and I've even got around to scanning a few of them in. Hopefully I'll get around to scanning the remaing ones in soon. The reason I've not taken many photos at the more recent meets is mainly because when my mate's car got broken into my camera was stolen. Anyhow, onto the photos now:

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