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Random Fortune

Welcome to the winterwolf.co.uk fortune server. It's just a bit of fun, you'll get a random fortune from the collection available on jesmos.winterwolf.co.uk each time you visit the page.

/ Psychology. Mind over matter. Mind     \
| under matter? It doesn't matter. Never |
\ mind.                                  /
  .!!!!!:.                        .:!!!!!!!!!!!!
  ~~~~!!!!!!.                 .:!!!!!!!!!UWWW$$$ 
      :$$NWX!!:           .:!!!!!!XUWW$$$$$$$$$P 
      $$$$$##WX!:      .<!!!!UW$$$$"  $$$$$$$$# 
      $$$$$  $$$UX   :!!UW$$$$$$$$$   4$$$$$* 
      ^$$$B  $$$$\     $$$$$$$$$$$$   d$$R" 
        "*$bd$$$$      '*$$$$$$$$$$$o+#" 
             """"          """"""" 

Cowsay provides the amusing ASCII art to surround the fortune. Click here for another fortune with a random cowfile. If you'd prefer, pick a cowfile from the list and get another fortune with that cow:

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