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Linux Software

A few programs for Linux that might be handy for you:

The software in this section is either very rare or somewhat difficult to make work with modern versions of Linux. If you've got any problems, please do let me know. Although I can't promise anything, I'll do my best to help you get things working.

CD Burning Software

xcdroast-0.98a6-with-cdrecord.tar.bz2 XCDRoast source code. This is mainly to make it easy to find it, as I've mentioned before I'm lazy. Anyhow, if you want it, it's here. A GTK frontend to mkisofs and cdrecord, which a few extra features that I think are quite nice.


larn120.tar.bz2 Larn, a great little roguelike game. This is the first game of this style I played way back when on the Amiga, and although I haven't been able to find the same version with the great font set, this is the next best thing. Updated to compile properly under modern Linux versions, this version includes source code and precompiled binaries.
larn120-src.tar.bz2 The same version as above, but only the source code. It's still got a few modifications in there to get it to compile, but the total file size is a lot smaller than the above file.
nethack-3.3.1.tar.bz2 Nethack 3.3.1, the well-known rouguelike game. This version is configured to compile with QT support as it stands. This software is readily available unmodified, but this is for people who have similar preferences to me and don't want to mess about trying to get the thing configured.
slashem-0.0.6E4F4.tar.bz2 Slash 'Em 6E4F4. This is a variation on NetHack with more monsters and more interface options. This one has been set up for pseduo-3D GTK output by default, and again is really here for the lazy people out there who happen to have similar preferences to me (or to people who will learn to like me prefereces before they wade through the configuration of Slash 'Em).
rfk.tar.gz Robotfindskitten PHP source code. The exact same version this is playable online just over there...


gs6.01-cdj970.tar.bz2 Ghostscript 6.01 modified and configured to give the cdj970 output driver. I used this for a long time on my DeskJet 970Cxi printer, and it makes a great job of fast black printing, and for a while was the only option for getting linux to use the duplexing unit properly. HPIJS works better overall in terms of colour quality, but it's slower. If you mainly do black duplex printing, this could be the solution for you.
qce-ga-0.40b.tar.bz2 Logitech (and therefore Dexxa) Quickcam Express Video4Linux driver version 0.40b. This version has been used successfully for quite some time on my computers with my Quickcam Express. Nothing special (but then again neither is the hardware), but it works well.
qce-ga-0.40c.tar.bz2 Logitech (and therefore Dexxa) Quickcam Express Video4Linux driver version 0.40c. A newer version of the above, but I've not had a chance to test it yet, so the old version is still there if you have any problems.


lircd.conf.bz2 LIRC configuration file for an Akai RC-V402E, an Apple Mac Performa 630 and a Sony Handycam remote control. These are all known to work with LIRC 0.6.6 and the UIR receiver.
uirprog.zip Windows PIC programmer suitable for use with the UIR circuit described here.
uirhex.tgz Intel HEX files and their source code for the PIC 16F84-04 chips inc combination with the UIR circuit described here.

NetMos 9835 I/O Card Drivers

00_parport_serial.patch Patch against 2.4.20-pre9 and 2.4.20 release to correct a bug in the parport_serial driver. This must be applied before the NetMos 9835 patch below can be successfully applied.
01_netmos.patch Patch against 2.4.20-pre9 and 2.4.20 release to provide support for NetMos 9835-based PCI parallel and serial I/O cards. Make sure the above patch for parport_serial is applied first, and then turn on support for parport_serial in your kernel. Hey presto, welcome /dev/tts/4 and /dev/tts/5!

Power Management

acpi-20020918-2.4.19.diff.bz2 Linux ACPI project patch against kernel 2.4.19, release 20020918. This actually seems to make ACPI usable on Linux systems, and I would highly recommend it if you're trying to do anything serious with ACPI.
patch-vanilla-2.4.19-swsusp14.bz2 Software Suspend patch for Linux 2.4.19 kernels

VAIO Related Software

R0243U0.exe BIOS for the Sony VAIO PCG-FX105K. This is here to provide a reference version, as this is the version currently running on Wildfire, my VAIO. If you're after the current version, I'd seriously suggest trying Sony Software Support in your country.
vaiod-0.1.tar.bz2 Simple program for changing the backlight brightness on Sony VAIO computers Please note that I would recommend using ACPI, acpid and spicctrl instead of this, it's only provided for VAIOs that have ACPI problems with no BIOS fix available.
sblctrl.bz2 A very simple script to increment or decrement the backlight intensity on Sony VAIO laptops. It is intended to be the target of a key combination for quickly changing the backlight. It uses spicctrl to read and write the Sony PI.

Windows Drivers

episod2k.exe Driver for a Relisys Episode scanner for Windows 2000. This was difficult to find, so I've stuck it up here to make it more available for people.

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