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The Eurovision song contest - most people on this continent know about it and either love it, hate it or love to hate it. It was started by the EBU in 1956, and ever since has been a regular fixture of EBU member broadcasters. The contest is well known for a number of things, including some very memorable songs (for a variety of reasons), some very forgettable songs, political voting and at times outrageous costumes and performances.

Changes are being suggested and sometimes implemented to try to reduce the political voting which has caused some to suggest that the contest is losing its focus on songs. Recent changes seem to have in general worked: whilst there are still clearly predictable voting patterns for some countries, the good songs to seem to end up towards the top of the voting table.

However, to end all confusion, I've decided to set this up to point out how the entrants should have been scored, including the scores for the various categories on the official scorecard at the time twe started scoring, along with what actually happened (marked as "official"). This is entirely for fun, and entirely our personal opinion!


2019 - Tel Aviv, Israel

CountrySong nameSong (/10)Outfit (/10)Performance (/10)Total (/30)RankingPointsOfficial pointsOfficial ranking
[AL]AlbaniaKtheju tokës465.515.5219018
[CZ]CzechiaFriend of a friend5.754615.752015711
[DK]DenmarkLove is forever76.17.7520.855612012
[SM]San MarinoSay na na na556.516.5188120
[MK]North MacedoniaProud46515222958
[SE]SwedenToo late for love6.57720.5743326
[NL]The NetherlandsArcade44.75513.75244921
[GR]GreeceBetter love5.57618.5137121
[NO]NorwaySpirit in the sky878231123385
[UK]United KingdomBigger than us65516191626
[IS]IcelandHatrið min sigra697223823410
[BY]BelarusLike it5.567.2518.75123125
[CH]SwitzerlandShe got me66.56.418.9113604
[AU]AustraliaZero gravity6.7578.522.252102859
[ES]SpainLa venda6.556.518146022

2018 - Lisboa, Portugal

CountrySong nameSong (/10)Outfit (/10)Performance (/10)Total (/30)RankingPointsOfficial pointsOfficial ranking
[UA]UkraineUnder the Ladder567.518.51113017
[ES]SpainTu Canción46515216123
[SI]SloveniaHvala, ne!77.56.521566422
[LT]LithuaniaWhen We're Old33392618112
[AT]AustriaNobody But You85619923423
[EE]EstoniaLa Forza59620652458
[NO]NorwayThat's How You Write a Song7.754718.7510114415
[PT]PortugalO Jardim3.54411.5243926
[UK]United KingdomStorm6.565.518144824
[RS]SerbiaNova Deca777.521.54711319
[DE]GermanyYou Let Me Walk Alone62513233404
[CZ]CzechiaLie to Me7.258924.251122816
[DK]DenmarkHiger Ground877.522.5382269
[AU]AustraliaWe Got Love556.516.5199920
[MD]MoldovaMy Lucky Day7.578.52321020910
[SE]SwedenDance You Off6.55718.5132747
[HU]HungaryViszlát Nyár4.55716.5209321
[NL]The NetherlandsOutlaw In 'Em6.575.7519.258312118
[IT]ItalyNon Mi Avete Fatto Niente43411253085

2015 - Wien, Austria

CountrySong nameSong (/10)Outfit (/10)Performance (/10)Total (/30)RankingPointsOfficial pointsOfficial ranking
[SI]SloveniaHere for you34411253914
[FR]FranceN'oubliez pas4341126425
[IL]IsraelGolden boy4461419979
[EE]EstoniaGoodbye to yesterday65718121067
[UK]United KingdomStill in love with you5771983524
[AM]ArmeniaFace the shadow57517143416
[LT]LithuaniaThis time76619923018
[RS]SerbiaBeauty never lies788231125310
[NO]NorwayA monster like me65516161028
[CY]CyprusOne thing I should have done44412231122
[AU]AustraliaTonight again86.5721.5381965
[BE]BelgiumRhythm inside54514202174
[AT]AustriaI am yours7672056026
[GR]GreeceOne last breath66517152319
[DE]GermanyBlack smoke6641617027
[PL]PolandIn the name of love34310271023
[LV]LatviaLove injected463.513.5211866
[RO]RomaniaDe la capat/All over again667191013515
[HU]HungaryWars for nothing45312241920
[AZ]AzerbaijanHour of the wolf56718134912
[RU]RussiaA million voices65516183032
[AL]AlbaniaI'm alive3.54512.5223417
[IT]ItalyGrande amore76720742923

2009 - Moscow, Russia

CountrySong nameSong (/10)Outfit (/10)Performance (/10)Total (/30)RankingPointsOfficial pointsOfficial ranking
[IL]IsraelThere must be another way6.55415.5195316
[FR]FranceEt s'il fallait le faire4.552.111.6231078
[SE]SwedenLa Voix7.876.521.3743321
[HR]CroatiaLijepa Tena (Beautiful Tena)442.510.5254518
[PT]PortugalTodas as ruas do amor87823385715
[IS]IcelandIs it true?87.5621.5562182
[GR]GreeceThis is our night6.877.521.3831207
[AM]ArmeniaJan jan (nor par)55818159210
[BA]Bosnia and HerzegovinaBistra voda66517161069
[MD]MoldovaHora din Moldova678.521.5656914
[MT]MaltaWhat if we?
[DK]DenmarkBelieve again67.5518.5137413
[DE]GermanyMiss kiss kiss bang87722473520
[TR]TurkeyDüm tek tek5.46.5819.9111774
[AL]AlbaniaCarry me in your dreams76619124817
[UA]UkraineBe my valentine! (Anti-crisis girl)479201017612
[RO]RomaniaThe balkan girls5.56718.5144019
[UK]United KingdomIt's my time67417171735
[FI]FinlandLose control56516182225
[ES]SpainLa noche es para mi67.5720.5922324

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