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Fish Pie Recipe

A wonderful, easy to make recipe for fish pie.

Fish pie is one of my favourite meals, but nobody semes to make it too often. Which is surprising, really, as although it takes a while to cook it's really very simple. I keep losing the recipe, so I thought I'd stick it up here for all (including myself) to see.



  1. Hard boil the eggs. This takes about 25 minutes in a steamer, but you can use a saucepan and water if you prefer.
  2. Boil the potatoes. 45 minutes should be enough in a steamer, but again you can boil then in a pan if this suits you better.
  3. Cut the fish into pieces that will fit into a saucepan, place in the saucepan and add enough milk to just cover the fish.
  4. Heat the fish and milk, stirring occasionally, until the milk starts to boil. At this point, turn the heat off, cover with a lid and leave for 10 minutes. The fish will be suitably cooked after this time.
  5. Remove the fish from the pan and keep the milk to make the parsley sauce with later.
  6. Remove any skin from the fish, then flake the fish into a reasonably large oven dish, removing any bones as you go.
  7. Chop the eggs. I find the best way is to peel them and put them into a glass bowl, then repeatedly run a sharp kife through them. You'll end up with different sized pieces of yolk and white after that.
  8. Add the egg to the fish and mix well.
  9. Use the milk to make the parsley sauce. If making from a packet, add about 2/3 to 3/4 the suggested milk to make a thick sauce.
  10. Pour enough sauce to moisten the fish over the fish and egg mixture and mix in.
  11. Add extra milk to the parley sauce to taste. You can then use this to pour over the finished pie later to serve.
  12. Mash the potatoes with butter or milk if you like it, and then spoon over the fish, egg and parsley sauce mixture.
  13. Optionally grate cheese over the top of the potato, and if you feel like it add a few slices of fresh tomato.
  14. Place in a medium oven (gas mark 5 seemed to do well for me) until browned (this seemed to take about 20 minutes)
  15. Serve with the remaining parsley sauce and garden peas

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