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Section#ValueTranslated Meaning
Furry Species1C2amrwCanid: Canid (generic). The character is a general alter-ego, a MU* character, a role playing character and someone to write stories about.
Art1 I've shown one or two of my pictures to others, and they didn't actually throw up.
Conventions1+++Been to lots of cons, organised at least one.
Dressing Up1-I'd wear a fursuit if I had to.
Hugs1+I'll accept hugs, and maybe even give the occasional one.
Mucking and Mudding1++I've got characters on several MU*s, and frequently get frustrated when commands don't work in RL.
Plush Critters1++I've got a collection of several favourites.
Realism vs. Tooniness1+++What do you mean it isn't a photograph?.
Transformation1+++Definitely! (as long as I get to choose the species).
Writing1 I've written a story that somebody else has read.
Zines1+I have a good collection, and buy at least one title regularly.
Furry Sex1f++Female, Ready, willing, and able.
Real Life1EEngineering.
Age1++40-49 Years.
Computers1lmn++++Favourite system(s): Linux, Macintosh and Windows. I'll be first in line to get a cybernetic interface installed in my skull.
Doom, Quake, etc.1+It's a fun, action game that is a nice diversion on a lazy afternoon.
Education1++Bachelor's degree, or the equivalent.
Real Life Furriness1++I've been known to bark at friends to greet them.
Housing1++++Married ... with children.
Internet1wf+++I have a web site that mentions furries. I'm a webmaster/webmistress/site administrator.
Anime1+Others know I'm an Anime fan.
Pets1 One pet of a fairly conventional type (cat, dog, etc).
Human Sex1f+Female, I've had real, live sex.

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