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Section#ValueTranslated Meaning
Furry Species1CW[Wolfdox]fm4acmrsCanid: Toon Wolf, specifically Wolfdox with magical powers. The character is a general alter-ego, a costume I wear, a MU* character, a role playing character and a guardian spirit or totem.
Art1-Tried a few sketches in the privacy of my own home.
Conventions1+~--I've been to several, and plan to go to many more, but sometimes Not interested.
Dressing Up1+++I'll wear a fursuit at any opportunity (where costumes are not expected).
Hugs1+++If it moves, I'll hug it (if it doesn't move, I'll hug it until it moves).
Mucking and Mudding1#Prefer not to say.
Plush Critters1 I like them, they sit on my shelves collecting dust.
Realism vs. Tooniness1--The toonier the better.
Transformation1+++Definitely! (as long as I get to choose the species).
Writing1!Active refusal to participate in this category.
Zines1 I have a few furry zines.
Furry Sex1m++Male, Ready, willing, and able.
Real Life1ATFurry of All Trades (Specialisation is for insects).
Real Life2CTComputers/Information Technology.
Age1 20-29 Years.
Computers1dnw++$Favourite system(s): MS-DOS, Windows and Windows 3.x. Computers are a large part of my life; I spend time every day in front of one; I've tried my hand at programming. I do this for money.
Education1 Finished high school.
Real Life Furriness1++++I am not a human, I am a furry!.
Housing1++Living with one or more fellow furries.
Internet1wf+++I have a web site that mentions furries. I'm a webmaster/webmistress/site administrator.
Anime1 Seen it, might think about seeing it again some time.
Pets1->No pets currently, but I may enrich my life in the future, but I'd like this to become One pet of a fairly conventional type (cat, dog, etc).

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