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Fur Code Interface

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The decoded version of this furcode has been determined to be:

Section#ValueTranslated Meaning
Furry Species1DDhwm5adrDragon, dinosaur or other reptile: Were-Winged Dragon with magical powers. The character is a general alter-ego, someone to draw pictures of and a role playing character.
Art1++++Art is my life.
Conventions1++I'm a regular con-goer, and I've occasionally lent a paw.
Dressing Up1m++I've made my own suit, I'll wear a fursuit at cons/sporting events (where costumes are uncommon).
Hugs1---Argh! Don't touch me, you pervert.
Mucking and Mudding1++++I'm a Wizard, tremble before my might.
Plush Critters1+++I collect every one I find of a certain species (or two, or three…).
Realism vs. Tooniness1++Figments of the imagination have anatomies too, you know.
Transformation1-Not personally.
Writing1-I have these scribblings but nobody is ever going to see them!.
Zines1-Not really interested.
Furry Sex1f--Female, You people are sick.
Real Life1AArt.
Age1 20-29 Years.
Computers1ln++Favourite system(s): Linux and Windows. Computers are a large part of my life; I spend time every day in front of one; I've tried my hand at programming.
Doom, Quake, etc.1+It's a fun, action game that is a nice diversion on a lazy afternoon.
Education1+Some tertiary education.
Real Life Furriness1--I tell nobody.
Housing1+++Married, or shacked up with your SO on a long-term basis.
Internet1wf+++I have a web site that mentions furries. I'm a webmaster/webmistress/site administrator.
Anime1*I'll watch it, but only if it's all in English.
Pets1+++I have a vast household of assorted furry/scaly/feathery creatures, and my life is organised for their benefit.
Human Sex1f*Female, I'm married, so I can get it whenever I want (well, that's the theory, anyway).

If this script fails to decode a furcode, and you are sure that it is properly defined, please let me know about it, and I'll try to fix the problem as soon as possible.

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