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The decoded version of this furcode has been determined to be:

Section#ValueTranslated Meaning
Furry Species1FHh3a>FHh3amrFeline: Were-Cheetah. The character is a general alter-ego. In the future, I hope to change this to: Feline: Were-Cheetah. The character is a general alter-ego, a MU* character and a role playing character.
Art1--Never tried.
Conventions1--Not interested.
Dressing Up1--You must be kidding, I'd die first.
Hugs1 Well, OK, you can hug me if you really want to.
Mucking and Mudding1 Tried them once or twice, may do it again sometime.
Plush Critters1--Kid stuff, I'd sooner hug a pincushion.
Realism vs. Tooniness1++Figments of the imagination have anatomies too, you know.
Transformation1++Yes, if it's reversible.
Writing1-I have these scribblings but nobody is ever going to see them!.
Zines1-Not really interested.
Furry Sex1m+Male, I've had TinySex.
Real Life1MAMilitary/Armed Forces.
Age1 20-29 Years.
Computers1n+Favourite system(s): Windows. Computers are fun; I can use some software without resorting to the manual; I play a mean game of [insert favourite game].
Doom, Quake, etc.1+It's a fun, action game that is a nice diversion on a lazy afternoon.
Education1++Bachelor's degree, or the equivalent.
Real Life Furriness1--I tell nobody.
Housing1+Living with one or more people who know nothing about furriness.
Internet1wf+I have a web site that mentions furries. I browse the Web regularly, and read a handful of newgroups.
Anime1+Others know I'm an Anime fan.
Pets1-No pets currently, but I may enrich my life in the future.
Human Sex1m+Male, I've had real, live sex.

If this script fails to decode a furcode, and you are sure that it is properly defined, please let me know about it, and I'll try to fix the problem as soon as possible.

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