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Fur Code Interface

Welcome to the Fur Code web interface!

The decoded version of this furcode has been determined to be:

Section#ValueTranslated Meaning
Furry Species1XG4adMythical creature: Gryphon. The character is a general alter-ego and someone to draw pictures of.
Art1++I have pictures in reasonably well-known zines and/or Web sites.
Conventions1-Never been to one, but may do so in future.
Dressing Up1+I'll wear a fursuit for Halloween/masquerades (where costumes are expected).
Hugs1++I'll hug anyone I know, given a faint excuse.
Mucking and Mudding1-Never been able to dredge up enough interest (or time) to try it.
Plush Critters1 I like them, they sit on my shelves collecting dust.
Realism vs. Tooniness1 No particular preference.
Transformation1++Yes, if it's reversible.
Writing1 I've written a story that somebody else has read.
Zines1-Not really interested.
Furry Sex1fFemale, Never had TinySex, but wouldn't rule it out.
Real Life1AArt.
Age1-10-19 Years.
Computers1+Computers are fun; I can use some software without resorting to the manual; I play a mean game of [insert favourite game].
Education1-Haven't finished high school.
Real Life Furriness1-I only tell close friends.
Housing1*I'm still stuck living with my parents.
Internet1+I browse the Web regularly, and read a handful of newgroups.
Anime1 Seen it, might think about seeing it again some time.
Pets1+Two or three conventional pets (cats, dogs, etc), or one fairly exotic one.
Human Sex1f-Female, Not having sex by choice.

If this script fails to decode a furcode, and you are sure that it is properly defined, please let me know about it, and I'll try to fix the problem as soon as possible.

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